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Out Tri FAQ

How does the GPS Tracker work?

The GPS Tracker can provide your location and show your path on the map when an accurate GPS signal and a data connection are available to your iPhone. The tracker uses the iOS multitasking feature so that it continues to follow your route when the app is in the background. Please make sure that the GPS Tracker is stopped when not in use to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Out Max FAQ

How do I share my max on my favorite social networking site?

Download the appropriate social networking app for your mobile device. When you press the "Share" button in Out Max, a list of your messaging and social networking apps will be available to choose from.

Why am I having trouble sharing my max on Facebook?

There appears to be a problem sending a message to the latest version of Facebook for Android, so this option may not work until Facebook issues a fix.

When can I expect the next update of Out Max?

We are constantly developing and implementing new features for the next version. Look for announcements on our site.

One Thought FAQ

Do I need to enable location services to share a thought?

Yes. When you share a thought, you also share your approximate location so that others can view it on the map.

Contact Us

Please let us know about any technical issues, requests, or comments you may have through our Contact page.