The Triathlon

Typically consisting of swimming, biking, and running, the triathlon can be one of the most challenging athletic events. Since the first Ironman in 1978, the popularity of the triathlon has increased with various events being held around the world. Similar types of multi-sport endurance races have also appeared, such as the duathlon and the aquabike. Athletes, both professional and amateur, have pushed themselves to limit through intense train schedules and hard work to take on the challenge.

We at Vinobix, LLC believe that triathletes deserve an app full of features that can help them prepare for events and track there progress. Out Tri, currently available for the iPhone on the App Store, was designed for anyone interested in triathlons, duathlons, marathons, and more. It features an event list, training log, checklist, calculator, GPS tracker, and timer. Keep track of your upcoming events while checking off items that you need for race day. Use the timer or GPS tracker while exercising and save your workout information in the training log. Calculate an estimated time for a triathlon or other event based on times and distances you have completed in the past. Out Tri has the features triathletes should expect in an app.

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The 1-Rep Max

One question that is frequently asked of weight lifters is, “What is your max?” We developed an app called Out Max that can be used to track and share this information through messaging and social networking. Our ad-free version stores your max for multiple exercises in-app and shows quick comparisons to the weight that you can lift, such as the weight of a standard refrigerator. We thought that dragging and dropping weights on a scale would be an entertaining way to keep track of weight training accomplishments. Hearing the weights clink and feeling the phone vibrate as they are added to the stack adds to the fun.
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Why “Vinobix”?

Vinobix (pronounced vin-o-bix) was chosen for our business name after many days of contemplating and researching various words and combinations of letters. Why Vinobix? It represents the connections that people make with our products and the information that they exchange with each other. It also helped that was available for registration.
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