Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone (O’Reilly) by Mike Wilson

Building Node Applications with MongoDB and BackboneNode.js has quickly become a popular platform among JavaScript developers. The potential of using JavaScript in server-side code along with the advantages of its event-driven approach to network connections makes it an excellent option for many applications. Combined with the structure provided through Backbone.js and the high-performance MongoDB NoSQL database, Building Node Applications walks through the creation of a social network web app. But these are not the only technologies used in the book. Be prepared to also work with the Express framework, Jade template engine, Underscore.js, jQuery, and Mongoose. The book offers some short examples as preparation for the project before detailing the setup and construction of a social network. If you are comfortable launching into a complex project based on several JavaScript frameworks, Building Node Applications provides a great way to explore the potential of the language to handle both server- and client-side code to make compelling apps.

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