Book Review – iOS 6 Programming Cookbook (O’Reilly) by Vandad Nahavandipoor

iOS 6 Programming CookbookDevelopers of native iPhone and iPad apps are often faced with new tasks that stretch their skills. Sometimes it can be difficult to find good information to solve a particular problem. The iOS 6 Programming Cookbook contains a wealth of information about various development topics that can help app coding stay on track. The beginning of the book covers many basic subjects, such as views and layouts. There is a nice discussion of Auto Layout, which is new to iOS 6 due to the introduction of the iPhone 5 with its larger display. Other topics, including concurrency and animation, delve into areas that may be more app dependent.

The author offers detailed solutions and a discussion of methods and techniques that may be appropriate for each problem. Although the book may not address every problem you encounter as a developer, it certainly covers a wide enough range to be useful in many circumstances. It is an excellent reference and guide to some of the more important topics in this latest version of iOS.

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Disclosure: Free access to this e-book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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