Book Review – Make It So (Rosenfeld Media) by Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel

Make It So

Science fiction shows us potential futures filled with technological marvels limited only by our imaginations. So how can we learn from the way characters interact with technology on television and in the movies to make interfaces that work in reality? Make It So explores the bridge between fiction and fact, where sci-fi can inform the design of technology that can enhance our lives.

The authors undertook a detailed survey of live-action and 3D animated sci-fi to find trends and insights. It seems that certain colors, styles, and features appear again and again, although there are always exceptions that reveal novel ways of viewing or interacting with technology. Case studies in the book examine how some of these creations translate to practical design and others have properties that prevent them from having much use in reality. While the fictional use of technology can lend a certain atmosphere or enhance drama, real-life users need interfaces that help them accomplish their goals without getting in their way. Make It So reveals lessons learned from sci-fi that could inspire creators of today’s technology to bring the future to us.

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Disclosure: Free access to this e-book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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